Anger'z Danger



Low Self-Esteem

Most people have little control over their anger and tend to explode in rages. Outrageous anger may lead to physical abuse or violence. A person who doesn’t control his temper would either isolate himself from his family and friends. Some people have low self-esteem, and use their anger as a way to manipulate others and feel powerful.


More Productive

You will start taking charge of your anger and work on techniques and step-by-step guide that helps in managing anger. You can be more productive and positive.

What You'll Learn?

Learn What Anger Is & Why You Get Angry.

Identify What is  Your Dominant Anger Type and Anger Patterns Quickly

Hold  Your Anger Before They Turn inflammable

Figure out  the Source of Your Anger & Uproot It from the roots


What is Anger'z Danger?

21 Days Anger Management Program for mothers to learn and recognize the signs that they’re becoming angry, and take action to calm down and deal with the situation in a productive way.

Who is The Course For?

This program is designed exclusively for mothers who get drained out day in and day out with their overwhelming tasks and responsibilities at home/ workplace. 

This program will help her know about herself better, her triggers and how she reacts. Thereafter she can work really well on her emotions and manage her anger in a far better way

How This Course Best Suits For You?

This is a Pre- Recorded Session.

You can have life time access once you enroll.

Learn at your convenient Time and Pace.

Will get in touch whenever you see any challenges in controlling your emotions.

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