Do You Want to Overcome Your Child’s Exam Stress?

It’s the time where all the homes are getting stressed. Yes, March is the month of Examinations, wherein both children and parents get on their nerves. Our brains release cortisol at high levels when we are stressed. It will affect our thought process. So it’s important to stay as cool, calm as possible, especially during the time of examinations. Parents are more anxious and stressed these days when kids have exams. They hardly have any idea how to help the child. The situation becomes worse when things turn out of control. 

How we as parents can help our kids to combat exam stress? Let’s figure out some tips:

  1.     Stay Calm and bring in a positive environment:

Waking the child up with a hug, motivation and blessings will boost high energy. Create an environment of love, care and concern. Make sure the child is served a good nutritious diet. Maintain their diet with balanced food. Juices, salads, sandwiches will help a lot. Caffeine is a stimulant and will increase stress levels rather than reduce them, and the same applies to nicotine. See to it that child gets adequate sleep. 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a must for a child’s brain to function well.

  1.     Do not have high expectations:

More often, children are forced to live the dreams of their parents. This is harassment which can turn worse than not serving food to the child. Mentally the child gets frustrated, without knowing what to explain to his parents. This starts creating fear of failure, very harmful.

  1.     Keep them ready in advance:

Facilitate Short Study Sessions and avoid last-moment preparations. 2-3 months prior to the examination date, see that the child studies at least 2-3 chapters daily. This helps in better understanding the concepts and learning effectively.

  1.     Nature Watch:

It has been observed that kids when associated with nature show up with better academic results. Kids have peace of mind. Make sure you provide him with a room with good ventilation and natural sunlight. Fresh air is mandatory for a healthy and refreshing brain.

  1.     Let the child learn out of his own pace:

Some prefer to read aloud, others softly, some want to isolate and read in a  silent room. Some prefer to stay late at night and study.. However, I personally do not recommend this. As late-night studies have proven more malicious. Parents should take time to change this behavior pattern

  1.     Do not hook the child with his weakness:

Do you think criticisms and mutilations will ever make the child better? Never. All you need is to recognize the abilities of the child and keep praising. Never talk about the weaknesses and failures. Focus on the achievements so as to enhance the self-image and confidence.

  1.     Turn off the TVs and other Gadgets:

What worst can happen if we parents watch TV programs in the living room while our kids stay in one of the bedrooms? Do you think the child is not provoked? The child gets more relaxed when we parents avoid all the gadgets and make them feel that we are really with them and sacrificing.

  1.     Prayer:

Teach them that they need to work hard and then trust the Lord for the support.

In our tradition, it is being taught to seek refuge against anxiety, grief, weakness, and laziness. Train the kids that it’s okay to make mistakes. However, your trust in God, efforts, and consistency is important.

These are the tips on how parents can help children combat the fear of exams and move ahead with ease and confidence.

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