8 Tips For Moms To Plan When Child
Turns a Teenager

Teenage is a phase of life with a mixture of challenges and joys. It sometimes gets through your nerves. Turns the days too hard.
We parents, need to learn the secrets tips as to how to navigate this phase and help in child’s holistic development. There are days when your child wants to smile,
feels loved, engages in many activities. But sometimes we also find them grinning and frowning for even silly matters.
Let’s try to figure out what as parents can we do to cope with the teenage child. Here ae some suggestions that can help you manage their growth.

1. Help the Child To Understand Him/Herself:

Child’s self image has a pivotal role in shaping his life. Boost their identity. Help them choose good friends, good books and good serials/ movies. All these actions determine their adulthood. Some of his behaviors may be not appealing. Realize that this is because there are some drastic changes happening within their body. So stay cool. Help the child know the consequence that he may face when he continues certain behaviors. However try to encourage the positive behavior through stories or narrating case studies.

2. Limit Your Questions:

Bombarding the child with loads of questions or in fact judgmental questions, will create havoc and mistrust among the child and the parent.
Questioning the child too much can cause frustrations and make the child rebellious. We need to be mindful and know the very fact that teenagers don’t like to be questioned. This doesn’t mean that you can leave them ignoring all their unwanted actions. Observe carefully and use constructive questions that help to self-introspect and realize the faults.
3. Get into Common Term:

It’s common that a teenager gets into arguments and cant listen to advices. Teenager is receptive only when his ideas are accepted to some extent. When he
is rejected all the time or his ideas and suggestions are ignored, he feels passive. He feels he is left out and eventually gets dissociated from the family members. Try to appreciate his suggestions and get him involved in making some decisions for the family.
4. Build Trust:

Learn to trust the child. Show how much you trust him/her. Because Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair.
Maintaining confidentiality is the best method for creating trust. A short story would be relevant here.
There was a boy who had stolen a watch in the class. The owner of the watch complained the class teacher. The class teacher entered the class, made the entire classroom face the
blackboard near the teacher’s table. He checked every student’s bag. The boy who stole the watch was so embarrassed that he couldn’t stand quietly. He had thoughts wringling and was getting butterflies in his stomach. The boy thought that his parents will be called. The matter will be taken to the Principal and he will be charged infront of all his teachers. Meanwhile the class teacher found the watch from the bag and handed it over to the concerned student. The boy who stole was left stunned for not being charged or for keeping the whole incident a secret. Thereafter the child learnt a lesson that he will not touch anybody’s belongings without the permission.
It’s ok to overlook few behaviors or pranks at times. But see that you give the right instructions when the child is receptive.
5. Be a Friend:

Identify what the child likes, whom he follows and who is his favourite hero. The child can easily resonate when we show up like his favourite person. Build rapport
and see that your bonding is super strong.

6. Learn to Control Emotions:

Parents cant skip from the fact that emotions are not under control. The best freedom ever a man has is that he can choose his emotions. Try to stay calm almost
every part of the day. Harder you work on your emotions, higher the results we get.
Stop being Judgemental. We parents often to validate our words and actions. We intend to give our best to kids which sometimes becomes so stessful that we cant imagine of. kids getting
into unwanted or nasty behaviours. In the long run, we need to give these children their pace to grow. The most important quality to propel them to successful humns is to stop judging them.
Ask them the reason for getting into negative actions that can impact their future days. Let them learn a lesson from the mistakes they do.
7. Observe Closely:

Keep a close watch on how they behave with immediate family members, extended family members, their friends and strangers. Don’t mistake to spy your child. Give
them the space to express what they feel. Make a habit of listening to what they say. Closely observe their language, their behavioral patterns, their choices pertaining to their career, their
clothes, accessories and stuffs.
8. Share is Care:

Teens get the most to gain from dining with family. Plan a common time to dine together. Construct a healthy conversation with during the meals. Don’t criticize or belittle the
child for any reason. Possibilities are high that he will not continue meals together.
Share letters/notes (Customized. Make the child feel special. Give him surprise letters in the lunch box or words of appraisals. This can create long lasting impact in the child’s mind. Let him know how grateful you are to Almighty for blessing you with child hike him. Express your love by writing letters and chits and to make him feel at heart.

These tips would turn a home an abode. A perfect place to live the life of contentment and peace.